Geo Locations for Deals & Your Profile

While swiping left and right for deals is fun and is probably best for moments of boredom at work, pre lunch, another option is by way of our geo-location tab. This tab allows you to view exactly where each deal is, from suburbs to street names. Zoom out to get an idea of the area where most of the deals are aggregated or zoom in to get a an in depth, exact location. Each deal has a little red drop location for prime viewing visibility and when tapped, the deal and store name appear. This allows you to figure out which deal best suits you right now. And hey, if there’s a deal you love but you can’t get it today, save it by clicking on the deal, hitting the green tick button and use it next time.


What’s more, with each drop pin there is a corresponding category icon, which means you can see if the deal is a cafe, health & beauty, restaurant, travel  or any of the other category deals, without having to click on it to find out. So, if you’re looking only for cafe deals, you can zoom out and keep your eyes peeled for the cafe icon. All of these little features make using the app so simple, uncluttered and seamless.

Another great feature of the app is your Profile page where you can store all your liked deals and the categories which you’ve selected. This is a great space for you to recall deals you’ve swiped right on and forgotten because it’s been several weeks past. What’s important here is the fact that the categories that you’ve personally selected will only come up in your feed for new deals. Just remember, if you want to add in more categories, simply go to the edit button on your profile page and add more in.

We hope that helps our users both new and current.

Until next time, The RocketBuy Team