All Aboard!


In this overly saturated world of App development and business, where Apple currently hosts 1.5 million apps, it’s hard to imagine yours will ever be seen, will ever be used, will ever be downloaded. After reading a Forbes article on how to make a business from your app, and it leading us to believe that they were going to give us the 4-1-1 on a stellar strategy, we discovered that to make money you have to (and we quote) “make a good app”. Wow. Truly inspiring Forbes. Cheers.


Now that we’ve both wasted some minutes on that redundancy, let’s give you a little insight into our thinking behind RocketBuy and some solid tips. We’ve labelled RocketBuy under the “Shopping” category, where in 2015 global sales through shopping apps on mobile devices, were expected to grow to over $280 billion (from $150B in 2014.) What’s more, according to a recent 2015 study from Forbes, 1 in every 2 millennials ( that’s 47% of the 1600 people surveyed) has downloaded a shopping app. So, that’s pretty good odds considering and, a fairly profitable market. Great starting place. But how can we really drive the business and it’s growth, get it on a platform where it will be seen and heard. Our answer – team up with local established businesses and be a social butterfly. And thus, we did so.


Teaming up with bigger brands, not the biggest brands, is a great move for a start up. Think about local brands within your area that hold a firm place, are well known and highly regarded. For us, being affiliated with places like The Coffee Club, The Victory Hotel (1 of many ALH Group owned pubs and a popular Brisbane watering hole), Sheike & Co Pty, Tengdahl (Brisbane based and owned fashion label) and countless other local cafes and boutique stores give us the opportunity to engage with our local community. They’re extremely familiar with, and love these brands. What’s more, as Brisbane being relatively small, they probably know the owners of these businesses which means a quick and speedy WOM (word-of-mouth) promotion. Another way to influence the marketplace is being a bit social, darling!


Because shopping apps are recorded to be growing faster than any other app, you gotta be in it to win it. And to win it you gotta make the darn thing social. So we made it super easy for users to share a deal they recently found and loved. They can share it via Facebook on their wall, a friend’s wall or in a private message (if it’s a deal for something a little risqué). According to MarketingLand users are sharing more posts but liking and commenting less. If you think about it, it’s so much easier to read a post and share it immediately. FB doesn’t take you to another page, nor does it do a little funny jig when you post it. It simply loads at the top of the page and then “boom” your post  is up for everyone to view. It’s all about the ease, the simplicity and the uncomplicated – sharing is just that.


So, the two main things we’ve honed in on are: 1. local business promotion and 2. being social. It’s helped us immensely, so hopefully these tips will help you.


Until next time, RocketBuy.