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Send promotions to your key target markets & drive passing foot traffic into your business.



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  • Single Beacon
  • Basic Promotions
  • Basic Analytics



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  • Multiple Beacons
  • Advanced Promotions
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Technical Support
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With powerful features, RocketBuy is the best way to market your retail store.

Questions & Answers

Is it really only $9.50?

Sure is. The basic version is very cheap for all retailers. You can upgraded to the premium version with more features and reporting but you have no obligation to use that.

How does it work?

Your promotion or 'RocketBuy' is pushed out to targeted consumers every day via both push notifications and beacon notifications. They only receive the RocketBuys they want, so they don't get hassled with things that aren't relevant to them. But at the same time, they can revise those categories at any time and see everything if they want. They can also open a map and see everything close to them.

What does a beacon do?

The beacon emits a signal to smartphones within 200m that tells the owner of that phone that there is a deal they might like, close to where they are. Our goal is to help drive foot traffic through the front door of your business.

What sort of stores does this suit?

Anyone from food, travel, fashion, entertainment, homewares and so on. The more stores that use the system, the more consumers you'll be reaching out to. Irrespective of whether you're a national chain, or a single retailer, you can use our system.

Can I also link to my online store?

No. This system is entirely for people with bricks-and-mortar retail stores. We want to help drive foot traffic to traditional retail businesses, so we won't be linking to online stores.

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