Welcome to RocketBuy

We launched RocketBuy just over a year ago and are beyond happy with the response we’ve had so far. It may be early days but from what we can tell, it’s only going to keep growing, with more and more retailers jumping on board.
We developed RocketBuy because we saw a gap in the market for an app that directly informs you about the latest deals from your favourite retailers. The difference between us, is our patented beacons. They send alerts as you pass by retailers you love, which means you never miss out on a great experience or product. Basically, out of this world deals, wherever you are (our tagline).


The idea of RocketBuy excited us because we found that while a busy life is part and parcel of everyone’s existence, snapping up the best deal shouldn’t be thrown to the wayside. What’s more, missing out on a product or service from a brand you’re loyal to is just not an option. With our technology, we can notify you immediately if you’re close to a deal we know you’d love. When we first started designing the app, our team was keen on the swipe left, swipe right feature (think Tinder). This feature is genius for a fast and efficient way of sorting through deals you love and the ones you’re not so keen on. From this sorting process, the app then generates a more detailed understanding of what you’re interested in seeing. From there, your deals will become more suited to you.


What’s more, the ability to share a deal with your mates or just simply promote it to the world, is a detail we could not go without. We live in an incredibly online social world where communicating and participating with friends and public through social media is a part of your everyday life. Sharing your favourite deals with others and vice versa means you can keep yourself in the know of deals you might have missed.


We are already partnered with international brands such as The Coffee Club and Subway, as well as national companies including Snap Fitness, Jetts Fitness and Nutrition Warehouse along with a slew of extremely popular Brisbane based fashion boutiques and cafe’s. It’s only a matter of time before everyone is going to have, better yet need, RocketBuy in order to stay in the loop. In saying this, none of these guys would be on board, if not for the guys that started it all.


Introducing…our board of directors. They encompass a broad spectrum of industries from tech, marketing, sales and digital media. Each individual offers a breadth of understanding and a complimentary point of view that has aided in the launch of the app. Working hard on multiple projects at once, these guys know how to balance it all, what with our CEO about to become a first time Dad (prepare to get your hands dirty, my friend). Our team are diverse, dynamic and passionate about this app, and continue to grow it in all directions.


So, to everyone out there, keep your eyes peeled for further developments with RocketBuy and thanks for reading!


Until next time,